Dale creates compelling and provocative interactive historical performances portraying conflicts and complex issues that both engage and entertain.




Written by Dale Jones and performed at Historic Sotterley Plantation in Maryland. Explores the lives and emotions of planters and enslaved black people in Southern Maryland in 1813 as the British sailed up the Bay, wreaking havoc as they offered freedom to blacks. The play moves through the Main House and outside to the cabin of the enslaved servants.


Thanks again Dale for your part in making this a reality for us. It is a fantastic script, and everything else has fallen into place as a result!

- Nancy Easterling, Executive Director, Historic Sotterley Plantation




Written and directed by Dale Jones, explores the loss of values by German citizens in Nazi Germany’s euthanasia programs while incorporating discussion of themes into the structure of the play. Performed at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum with the exhibition Deadly Science: Creating the Master Race. Viewed by over 6,000 visitors in performances at the Holocaust Museum and the Science Museum of Minnesota.


Visitor comments:


Makes me rethink what values are important in issues and situations.


Very powerful. Raised the same questions that I have asked and never found satisfying answers to.


I think this play changed my views on values and makes me want to talk about them.


It was important to remember to think about our values. We should review them sometimes. Live life with more conscience.


I've seen this show three times with different actors each time and every time it is powerful. It still holds up the third time-so much to think about.


I’m coming back and bringing my children. It is important for everyone to see this.




Written and directed by Dale Jones for the Gettysburg Seminary Ridge Museum. Brings to life in an interactive performance the experiences and emotions of real people whose lives were permanently affected by the Battle of Gettysburg and its aftermath. The program’s format offers visitors the chance to interact with the characters and make powerful personal connections with history and their own lives.


Dale’s background in both theater and museums makes him an ideal partner in developing scripts and interpretive programs that use drama to engage visitors in dialogue and deeper understanding.

- Barbara Franco, Founding Director Emerita, Gettysburg Seminary Ridge Museum


Visitor comments:


Great interaction performance by The Ridge Players. We got to experience the emotions of the real people whose lives were permanently affected by the Battle of Gettysburg. During and after a great performance we got to speak to the actors. This is a "Must See" while in Gettysburg.


Scintillating, informative, thoughtful, so worthwhile.


Good discussion! This production really makes you think about a lot of different things. It made me look at the war in a different perspective.




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